I am not your Somm.  But I might be, one day . . .

My Wine Bio :: Paso Robles, California, wine country grown.  Novice to grid tasting. Expert at drinking.  Happy when hosting.  Happier when sharing.

And so . . . welcome to my passion project. I created The Client Bar as love letter to myself, during a season of realization that life in my prime had begun and I had yet to lean in and give life [or voice] to my creative.  Not knowing where I was going, but knowing what I loved, I pointed myself in the direction of wine and started studying, writing, exploring, theorizing.  Documented herein from blog entry one entitled: “Go Broke. For Wine.“, I’d like to say The Client Bar is the genesis of my wine story.  It begins with a full expression of the same suspense, love and loss you would find in a cinematic blockbuster.

It was a time when I needed a hero, and my hero showed up in a heavy glass vessel dressed in cork and fancy foil.

The Client Bar will express in image, poetry and prose the likes, loves, sights, sufferings, and inspirations about wine that rule my thought patterns, cause me to question, and wander into the world of wine from a self-inspired, novice chair.  My road to becoming a certified and credentialed professional in wine began in 2016; an emboldened, life long passion that became an official program of study over the course of the following year.  It was not long after receiving my pin and credentials for Level 1 that I knew Level 2 was calling, but despite the status or achievement associated to wine study, I see myself as the simple equivalent of a somm-groupie, a winemaker fan-girl, a wannabe wine write who lives amongst the hills and vines in her wildest dreams.  Do you want to be a wine savage?  Have a seat at the bar and write the story with me.